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We know that you want to make a difference in children’s lives because you’ve joined our EduTribe community. And we can help you by providing lots of different resources including training videos, templates, policies, articles on professional development, activity ideas and much … much more.

As a member of the EduTribe community you can use the resources in any way you choose. You can add your logo and change the documents to suit you. All we ask is that everyone who is using or resources is a member. So, get everyone to join at your service!

Our resource library includes documents and training (including attendance certificates) that have been developed to support you in your role.

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7 Essential Activities To Create Positive Well-being – Tips For Early Childhood Educators

While there is a lot of information on what it takes to keep our bodies healthy, there is not as much focus on what we need to keep our minds…

8 Inspiring TED Talks For Early Childhood Educators

Ted Talks can be motivating and informing. Here is a list of 8 inspiring TED talks specifically for Early Childhood Educators. The brightest minds in their industries share their insights,…

Bank of Questions for Reflective Practice

As we mentioned in our free webinar on Critical Reflection, having a bank of questions is very helpful in your reflective practice. We collected questions you can ask yourself or working…

Critical Reflection for Early Childhood Educators

Critical Reflection – Webinar for Early Childhood Educators with Elsa Norvill We asked Elsa Norvill, a Learning and Development Specialist, to answer our hottest questions about Critical Reflection and received…

Educational Leader – 5 First Actions in the Role

If you just started a new role as an Educational Leader, you might wonder: Where do I start? What are my first actions? Let’s break it down into some specific…

Educational Leader Team Meetings Guide

For Educational Leaders it’s essential to meet with other educators and staff to discuss matters related to teaching, learning and child wellbeing. And certainly, you want to have meetings that…

Educational Leadership Session 1 Being a Leader

How to be an Educational Leader Session 1

Educational Leadership Session 2 Know Your Role

How to be an Educational Leader Session 2

Educational Leadership Session 3 Supporting Educators

How to be an Educational Leader Session 3

EYLF Documentation Synonyms

Whether we write reports, observations, fill in a Reflective Journal or do any other type of EYLF documentation, it is handy to have a good list of descriptive words. Please feel free…

FREE Online Professional Development Programs for Early Childhood Educators

If you are interested in free online professional development courses, workshops and webinars for Early Childhood Educators this is the right place to look at! We would like to share…

How Different Reggio, Montessori and Steiner Mythologies for Early Learning Teachers

What is different in Reggio, Montessori and Steiner mythologies for an early learning teacher? Let’s look at different aspects of all three approaches. Teacher Role A Montessori educator is seen…

How Often Should Educators Be Reflecting?

How often should we be reflecting? This’s one of the most common questions we come across about Critical Reflection. Is once a week or once a month enough? That’s why,…

How To Be An Educational Leader | Part 1 – Being a Leader

The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) describes educational leaders as “agents of change”. Many educational leaders receive two to four hours non-contact time a week due to…

How To Be An Educational Leader | Part 2 – Knowing Your Role

The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) states the role of an educational leader is to collaborate with educators. Written by Karri Hillier, CEO at One Tree Community…

How To Be An Educational Leader | Part 3 – Supporting Educators

A reminder that the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) states the role of an educational leader is to support educators. Written by Karri Hillier, CEO at One…

How to Document Observations

Teachers and educators use various means of observation to collect information on what is occurring in their rooms. Observing is the act of looking and watching. But in early childhood…

How to Make Difficult Conversations Easier

One of the more difficult tasks in the workplace is talking to someone about an issue that is causing concern. It does not matter if you are a line manager…

Learning Story Template

Learning Story Template

Look What I Can Do Now (Summative Assessment)

Look What You Can Do Now Template

Me and My Family Template

Me and My Family Template

Observation Template

Observation Template

Reflective Practice for Early Childhood Educators

If you have questions about reflective practice, using a reflective journal and would like to learn how to reflect meaningfully, this article is for you. REFLECTIVE PRACTICE FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD…

Room Program or Project Plan

Room Program or Project Plan Template

Safe Sleep Guide Poster


Skill Building: Being Present

Being present is also know as being mindful. When you are present you are focused on what you are doing. This can reduce stress, improve focus and memory, and improve health generally.

Staff Arrangements Policy

Staff Arrangements Policy